HTC 12 in1 theme/w go sms/lock



Check out my new Sense style Go SMS pro theme. Its 4 themes in 1!

NEW: second icon pack included! More of a "iphone meets HTC" style icon setup. For those of you that like that style.Click on the " like squares" in the menu and it will download and install the second pack

NEW: Added built in downloader that will redownload the app and reinstall it in /system/data/apps. This is to fix the issue with android 4.1 not giving access to the assets files (where Go SMS and Go Locker reside) on paid apps
If your on android 4.1 or newer but dont use Go SMS or Go Locker, you do not need to redownload the app.

Everything in one!
Works with
Go Launcher
Launcher EX
ADW launcher
Go Launcher EX
Go Locker
Apex Launcher
Nova Launcher
Holo Launcher
Atom launcher
Smart launcher
Launcher X
TFS shell
UCCW HTC sense clock (in screen shot) instructions below on how to apply

Its like 12 apps in 1!

Description; The over all theme is based on HTCs sense 5 (notably the HTC one) The added icons that are not in sense are modified and designed by me to fit the over all look of what HTC sense is. Basically, if HTC decided to do an icon pack, this is what i think it might look like! The goal is to keep a clean look. I guess you could call this a "HTC sense Concept"

over 100 HD icons

19 HD wallpapers

Go Launcher: Long press homescreen>Theme>HTC sense

Apex Launcher: Apex settings>Theme settings>Apex Sense

Nova launcher: Nova Settings>Look and Feel>Icon Theme>Apex Sense..Also on Nova, in Look and Feel, Color Theme.. bee24f is the HTC green

AWD Launcher: AWDSettings>Themes>HTC Sense XL

Holo Launcher: LauncherSettings>Aperance>Icon Pack>Apex HTC sense XL

Launcher Pro: Preferences>Theme Settings>Icon Pack>Apex HTC Sense XL

Directions for UCCW clock skin

First, you must have UCCW to use this! find it here


>Download this app
>Download UCCW if you haven't already
>Open widgets (long press on home screen, open app drawer and navigate to widgets)
>select the UCCW 4x1 widget
>select HTC sense XL
Enjoy! and thats it

I do requests! if there's an app or icon you want, let me know!

This Theme goes great with Gekn's Sense 5 Theme for AOKP CM10.1 T-mobile theme engine (whatever you like to call it!) just search Gekn or Sense 5 Cm10.1

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