The ideal application for all hunter, comprising:
    - Hunting regulations for State government.
    - Order by closed communities.
    - Ringtones and wallpaper in the world of hunting.
    - Lunar Calendar.
    - Chat Hunters.
    - National Legislation regarding Hunting, completely updated and in effect until this day. The reader includes zoom and links to interact in law document. (Hunting Act and Regulations, Regulations on Arms, Liability Insurance Hunter, Catalogue of threatened and of special interest, Law on Prohibition of use of lead in wetlands Arms Regulations, invasive species, wild species under protection particular, conservation of natural areas and wildlife, natural heritage and biodiversity Law, Forest Law ...) and documentation of interest will be added regularly.

    - Small Game Claims: BIRDS -> pochard, partridge, quail, Lapwing, Dove, Woodcock, starling, and common Redwing, gadwall, teal, snipe, Crow, coot, mallard, widgeon, Ansar common, colorado Duck, Shoveler, Yellow-legged Gull, Laughing Gull, Turtle Dove, Pheasant, Jackdaw, Magpie, Mistle Thrush.

    - Sounds MAMMALS small game -> fox, hare.

    - Sounds Big Game: Wild boar, deer, roe. (We are working on adding new sounds).

    - Sound FRINGILIDAS BIRDS: Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Linnet, finch, serin, canary.

    (Just click on the animal and play the sound down, will throw his name in Spanish and Latin and will play in succession until you hit the back button).

    Perfect for educating your child playing a little love for nature!

    - Ads hunts through the application, where you can advertise your own just one click.

    - Bulletin board to announce several things related to hunting.

    - Lunar Calendar stages, well detailed and visually with great quality.

    - Bulletin Board for general announcements.

    For Android versions 1.6 or higher.

    No desaprobeches this felicity and download it FREE. That if I ask please that positive votes.

    (04/08/2012) Version 1.3.
    - Added new legislation.

    (12/04/2012) Version 1.4.
    -Sound fox and hare.
    -Legislation: Regulation of weapons.
    -Bulletin Board, for general announcements.

    (18/04/2012) Version 1.5
    FRINGILIDAS-BIRDS: Greenfinch, Goldfinch, Linnet, Canary ...
    -Legislation: Invasive Species Act.

    (25/04/2012) Version 2.0
    - Added GALLERY trophies in Big Game.
    - Stable for less powerful devices.
    - It solves the problem of overlapping icons show on Galaxy Mini, etc..
    - Improved sound goldfinch and thrush.

    (10/06/2012) Version 2.1
    * INCLUSION July and August in the lunar calendar.
    * Added national legislation:
    - New Catalogue of Endangered Species.
    - Wildlife in special protective status.
    - Law Conservation of natural areas and wildlife.
    - EEC Directive on the conservation of natural habitats.
    - Act Natural heritage and biodiversity.
    - Forest Act.

    (14/06/2012) Version 2.2
    HUNTERS *** CHAT ***
    * Added CHAT to share some leisure time with those who understand our way of life.
    Chat with hunters and users HUNTING APPLICATION - CLAIM APP have a fun time with people who share your favorite hobbyt.

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    Any questions or suggestions you have, do not hesitate, go to and haznosla get; work to try to satisfy everyone.
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