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Interesting facts about ice cream .

 According to historians , ice cream has added more than 5,000 years. As early as 3000 BC in China to the table was served ice and snow , mixed with chunks of oranges, lemons and pomegranates grains . Recipes and storage of ice cream were declassified only in the XI century BC, in his book " Chi -King ."
 In Russia, a traditional milk was frozen . In the villages at the carnival was manufactured from a frozen mixture of cottage cheese, sour cream , raisins and sugar.
 In summer, every three seconds worldwide sold a portion of ice cream. In the United States consumed an average of recalculation on each citizen of around 20 kilograms of ice cream a year.
 The most beloved around the world is ice cream , followed by the chocolate and fruit .
 Eskimo first called " popsicle -unit " that is, " Eskimo Pie ." It was the world's first ice cream , glazed with chocolate. Its inventor , an American Christian Nelson, drove their products to cities and selling at the same time showing a film about the Eskimos .
 Ice cream is very liked by many of the greats. Napoleon , for example, already in exile on the island of St. Helena brought the device to get ice cream. Son of Marie de Medici , Henry III was eating ice cream in large quantities , all grades and at any time of the year.
 The biggest ice cream cake made ​​in Beijing cake was only 3 meters wide , but it weighs eight tons. And since the cake was cooked on the release of children's play " Ice Cream Mountain " on an advertising campaign producers are not stingy . They even ran to the top of the cake of live bears.
 The biggest snowman ice cream was built in Moscow. His height was about 2 meters, and weight - about 300 pounds. Snowman was the personification of the Russian tricolor consisting of the cream , blueberry and strawberry ice cream .

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