ICS 3D Blue CM7 Theme



Ice Cream Sandwich cm7 Theme - 3D Blue Version

A Fully-colored, Android “Ice Cream Sandwich” OS inspired, universal 3-D theme for phones and tablets that include the T-mobile/CyanogenMod7 theme engine. Ics3D was built and tested on MDPI/HDPI devices by Team Syndicate, the creators of Honeycomb 3D, HCL Launcher, and ICS Launcher.

**For this theme to work properly, your device must have a T-mobile 2.3 rom or rooted operating system based on cm7 with the Theme Chooser App preinstalled. A universal launcher theme is also currently under development that will work on any unrooted/locked device**

Ics3D is based off dev leaks and screenshots of Android’s upcoming Ice Cream Sandwich 4.0 operating system (which aims to integrate honeycomb UI with gingerbread in order to run properly on all devices), with all stock grey icons replaced with custom-made 3D icons from Honeycomb, Gingerbread, and Sense.

Includes over 3000 custom 3D icons, mods and animations which transform the look of your status bar, notifications, settings menus, pop-up boxes, loading spinners, progress bars, semi-transparent pull down bar, 3.2 app icons, dialer, browser, calendar, Gmail, camera, Facebook, Twitter, deskclock, sms, xda, dolphin browser, music player, etc.

To Install:

1. Download and install ics3D from market
2. Open the Theme Chooser App
3. Select “Ice Cream Sandwich 3D” and press apply
**If a message appears that says “assets are missing for your device” do not worry, this is a common issue with the theme engine but the theme will look great so press apply anyways**
4. Reboot for all changes to take effect and enjoy!

Additional apps and mods:

-Download ICS Launcher or HCL Launcher from the market for dock soft buttons, running apps carousel, quick menu, honeycomb app drawer, and stock ICS/HC clock widgets.
-Download HDPI or MDPI Zipthemer/MetaMorph file for themed lockscreen, reboot menu, and volume popup as well as additional mods and apks: http://dl.dropbox.com/u/22147062/hc3D%20Extras2.zip
-Download the Theme Chooser Wallpapers app by Upward Spiral to access the MDPI/HDPI wallpaper pack included in ics3D (long press on homescreen after installing and select wallpaper/Ice cream sandwich 3D wallpapers).

Upcoming mod list:

-Add remaining menu icons
-Replace battery icons
-Change clock font
-Additional themed apps by request
-More color schemes

**A few icons are still missing or cannot be themed (mostly stock app menu icons) due to limitations with the theme engine, but they are currently being worked on and will be incorporated into the theme as soon as possible**

***This theme is still under constant development and will be continuously updated as more icons are made or become available through Google***

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