Discover beautiful animated live wallpaper and daydream with colorful flying shapes. Impress your friends, family or land lord with the treasures of Indium Indeed.

* Impressive customizable graphics with style and movement controls.
* Save and load your favorite themes and share them with your friends through Facebook, Twitter, Email, ...
* Capture and share screenshots of your creations.
* Eight ready shape color themes and the possibility to make your own.
* Fully customize the background colors.
* Convenient random settings screen, where you can quickly make new types of wallpapers and see the preview by simple tap of the screen.

Permissions explained:
* Access to SD card: Used only for saving screenshots.

Users are encouraged to provide feature requests, bug reports or other comments to indiumindeed@gmail.com

Powered by LIBGDX, Kryo and Universal Tween Engine.