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The Insults Live Wallpaper is exactly what it sounds like -- a live wallpaper that gives it to you straight! It selects harsh realities from packs that you can really identify with. Packed with painfully accurate reminders, four different Display Modes let this app demean you in all the ways we both know you deserve.

An elementary double tap will deliver a brand new, wholly unpleasant and entirely appropriate kick to the ego. Inhibit your individuality with our impregnated version of the Insults Live Wallpaper!

This is the fully-featured, ad-free version. Rest assured knowing you’re about to get shamed in as many ways possible, never see an ad (from us), and be a little less terrible in our eyes. You have a serious opportunity to redeem yourself here. Be careful with all that responsibility.

DISCLAIMER: This live wallpaper is satirical. Most of our insults will probably ring true, because let’s face it… we know your type. We feel obligated to tell you we have no intention of personally insulting our users. We hear ice cream helps.

We hope you have fun with this live wallpaper! You strike us as kind of person who would/could/should.
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