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Interior HD Wallpapers
A collection of high quality images of the interior.
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Interesting facts about the interior.

The motto of the interior in the style of minimalism - "less is more." Today, minimalism is characterized by an almost complete rejection of the decor. No smooth lines. Only the precise geometry of layouts , furniture and accessories. A favorite trick with a minimalist interior design - the use of designer furniture bright colors that are both stylistic and color accent the interior. Emphasis may also be the texture of surfaces - aged wood floors, textured plaster , deliberately coarse cloth upholstery. All natural materials as possible with a minimum of processing all invoices should look like the most natural and fit in a range of colors .
The appearance of the style of " high-tech" refers to technotronic kinofantaziyam , such as the "Odyssey 2001" and " Star Wars ." " High - tech" and has been since its first steps pure decoration. In the term of professional American architects items 70 , in the sense of " high tech " with a hidden irony .
Haytekovsky interior - is, first and foremost , a theatrical spectacle, made ​​up of the most outspoken members of technical origin , sometimes with good reason suggestive of an industrial landfill. Designers designed the interior collages , and any part may claim the original sketch. Actually, it was a challenge to stereotypes , or a kind of answer to how culture perceives technology. Not just as something soulless , but as faceless , utilitarian product with no voting rights. Exposed pipes of all colors , operating machinery , sometimes larger sizes , naked floors - farm , channels - it was unusual voices , each with its height and the tone that came together in the melodramatic whole, the ensemble . Every conceivable part of the familiar surroundings were the most unrestrained form replaced by a variety of technical features of the century.

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