iphone 5s ringtones pack



Looking for iphone 5s ringtones orginal pack?
This iphone 5s ringtones pack app will give you a completed orginal iphone 5s pack with 10 popular iphone ringtones as an bonus ringtone.
Full original iPhone 5s iphone 5c ringtone pack for your Android phone! Try now ringtones and alarm sounds like iPhone 5s in iOs 7. 27 new iPhone 5c ios 7 sounds!!!
iPhone 5s and iphone 5c ringtones on Android Devices now!
@With this application you can use iphone 5s and iphone 5c as alert tones on Android Devices.
@You can set iphone 5s, iphone 5c as ringtone, alert tone or alarm tone.

This is the list of our iphone 5s sound pack:
iPhone 5S Apex
iPhone 5S Beacon
iPhone 5S Bulletin
iPhone 5S By The Seaside
iPhone 5S Chimes
iPhone 5S Circuit
iPhone 5S Constellation
iPhone 5S Cosmic
iPhone 5S Crystals
iPhone 5S Hillside
iPhone 5S Illuminate
iPhone 5S Night Owl
iPhone 5S Opening
iPhone 5S Playtime
iPhone 5S Presto
iPhone 5S Radar
iPhone 5S Radiate
iPhone 5S Ripples
iPhone 5S Sencha
iPhone 5S Signal
iPhone 5S Silk
iPhone 5S Slow Rise
iPhone 5S Stargaze
iPhone 5S Summit
iPhone 5S Twinkle
iPhone 5S Uplift
iPhone 5S Waves
Bonus Iphone 5
Bonus Iphone Xylophone
Bonus IPhone4s Whistle
Bonus Iphone 5 Original
Bonus Rain Drops
Bonus Iphone 4s Hq
Bonus Thrift Shop Iphone
Bonus Iphone Dubstep
Bonus Iphone5 2013
Bonus New Iphone

Have fun using our iphone 5s ringtones pack!

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