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    This is one of the best iPhone Themes for GO SMS on google play.

    -> Note that this theme requires GO SMS Pro to be applied! It is free (Search “GO SMS Pro” to download)

    Once installed, select done, return to GO SMS, than go to menu -> themes -> and activate your new theme!

    - High-resolution icons
    - Crisp graphics
    - Always supported and updated

    Note that this theme is continously updated! So if you have any problem, just email me and i'll answer as soon as i can, to offer you the best possible support.
    Please, don't leave negative feedback, contact me and i'll try to help you. This is really appreciated, thank you! :)

    --- ATTENTION: if you have Android Jelly Bean on your device, than you could encounter a google play issue (your theme will not be displayed correctly). Please, do not cancel your order, just contact me and i'll send you the file to install, so to bypass the bug. Thank you. ---

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    ---> SUPPORT:
    As i said above, if you need help with this theme, or you'd simply like to contact me, email me. I'll answer as soon as possible.

    At times, Google Play's servers are slow. If this happens, try again. I don't have control on this. Please be patient!

    I don't own the trademark on the word 'iPhone', and I'm not affiliated in any way with it's owners.
    iPhone is a registered trademark of Apple, Inc.

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