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This application contains the best Islamic songs from the most popular albums.
Maher Zain
Sami Yusef
Yusef Islam
Native Deen
Zain Bhikha
Ahmed Bukhatir
Irfan Makki

Top Lagu Religi Islami
Very simple and easy to use interface.

In this application you have the :
Ability to download any song so you can here it offline.
add any ringtone to your own favorite list.
Share song sounds via Bluetooth , Email, Whatsup or any social media.
Resume playing from last active session.
Repeat multiple time.
Stop playing when somebody call you.
Listen to the song in background.
Auto Shuffle between tracks.
Auto advance to the next ringtone.
Ability to set the song as a ringtone.
Ability to set the song as an alarm tone.
Ability to set the song as a notification tone.
Ability to download multiple songs.
Ability to filter the song`s list according to the downloaded songs and favorite songs only .

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