Colored blocks falling in the background, slowly filling an isometric cube.
You can choose how the cube is painted and the way is filled, to create your own original wallpaper.

※This is a limited version.

In the full version you can:

✔ Block size, number and speed.
✔ Background color.
✔ Fill the cube with a simple color, random color, one of the many pictures included in the app or choose yours from the gallery (sd card).
✔ The blocks can fall one at a time or rain down in the desired amount. You can also disable the animation and keep only the final cube (saves battery and can handle well big pictures).
✔ Paint the upper, left, right, or both front faces (same orientation or specular) of the cube.
✔ Select the desired frame rate to save on battery or have smoother animation.
✔ Center the cube on the screen.
✔ Select after how many seconds restart the animation.

(go to home->menu->live wallpapers->Isobako(demo)->settings)

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