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    Interesting facts about Italy.

    The name " Italy " comes from the Greek "italos", which means calf . The name was originally given to the region of Calabria by Greek colonists in the 8th century BC, and then spread throughout the peninsula.

     Italy was the cradle of the Etruscan civilization, Rome - center of the largest empire in Europe, North Africa and the Middle East.

    The city of Syracuse in Sicily, was once the largest city in the world.

     The largest Christian building in the world is the Basilica of St. Peter in Rome.

    Europe, only three active volcano , Mount Etna , Stromboli and Vesuvius , all in Southern Italy. Aetna is also the most active volcano in the world.

     In Italy there are two of the smallest countries in the world , two enclaves - San Marino and the Vatican City .

     Italy is the fourth most visited country in the world , about 40 million foreign tourists annually .

     Italy was not a unified country until 1863 .
    Italian children grow up in an Italian youth, who prefers leisurely get a university education (and some can not do it ) , this occupation stretching up to 30 years and the parents sit on the neck . Parents , and in particular the mother , in principle, and not much against it.
    With the introduction of the euro prices in Italy have almost doubled . But the Italian government is carefully allocated to pensioners funny bright yellow calculators, the better to recalculate the price rise .
    Riding a motorcycle, motor scooter , motorcycle and so on is only allowed on condition that the driver and the passenger wearing a helmet. Otherwise - you pay your money .
    In Italy, cappuccino made ​​to order in the morning for breakfast. Cappuccino in the afternoon or evening drink only foreigners , mostly Americans and Russian . Now there was nothing , waiters pooobvyklis and reconciled with these strange look on their coffee tastes , but before it happened that in another cappuccino bar refused to do in the evening . That's it.

    The work of young and middle-aged Italians almost painted , unless the little things , stress or eye lashes down. Indispensable attribute kometichki - chapstick . In the evening, painted stronger - is particularly popular eyeliner and makeup smoky eyes. But the elderly Lady love to bring the beauty of red lipstick during the day.

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