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    Jaden Yuki, known as Judai Yuki in the Japanese version, is a headstrong, fun-loving, and talented Duelist, who is the main protagonist in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX and the reincarnation of The Supreme King. Jaden loves dueling and believes that all problems can ultimately be solved through it. He keeps going no matter how hard things get or how hopeless it seems, with a few exceptions (though it doesn't take much encouragement for him to start fighting again), although he does sometimes doubt himself. He always shows respect towards his opponents, with a few exceptions, even complimenting them during a Duel. Jaden FROM Yu-Gi-Oh! GX shows little interest in areas outside of Dueling, which extends to his classes. When he chooses to attend them, he generally falls asleep in Yu-Gi-Oh! GX. Despite his low grades, he is still regarded as one of Duel Academy's best Duelists. However, this attitude eventually shows itself as one of his greatest flaws, and causes him to be targeted by Mr. Stein
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