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    The main villain of the first two films and episodes of the animated television series Hercules Arabian Nights. Jafar - vizier and chief adviser to Agraby. Jafar was obsessed with finding a magic lamp, but could not get into the cave of wonders, so as to enter it could only worthy of a so-called diamond in the rough. By magic Jafar discovers that Aladdin - the one he is looking for. First, it adjusts all so that the young man is arrested, and Princess Jasmine is confident that he was executed on the orders of Jafar. In prison Jafar pretends to be feeble old man and Aladdin offers go for sokrovischami.Posle events in the Cave of Wonders, Aladdin was almost killed before he could give the lamp Jafar. Get what they want, Jafar tries to kill Aladdin, but it prevents Abu biting sorcerer. In addition, Abu Jafar manages to pull off the lamp, and the vizier with nothing. When Aladdin in the guise of Prince Ali appears in Agraby, Jafar realizes that the lamp in Aladdin - soon he manages to get hold of the lamp and power over Agraby. But it's not enough - he makes a wish, and turns into the most powerful genie in the land. But the cunning Aladdin thought of everything - along with the power, Jafar and gets the shackles and became a prisoner of his lamp. Her throw away in the desert.

    Full-length animated film released in the rental studio Walt Disney in 1992. The film is based on the famous tale of Aladdin from "1001 Nights." Cartoon was one of the most successful films the studio received two awards "Oscar".

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