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    Pop Music (English: Japanese the POP, often abbreviated as J-POP) is a Japanese pop. This name in 1988 by Japan, a broadcast radio station J-WAVE create and have used it to on behalf of "new music", and then in Japan, is widely used to generation of call by the Western impact of modern music, including the popular music, R & B , rock, dance, hip-hop and soul music.
    Music divided into four general store of Japan: J-pop, Enka, classical music and English / international. Some music fusion of Enka and J-pop, on behalf of the singer for the safety zone and Nakajima Miyuki.
    Japan has the world's largest pop music market. In 2010, for example, physical album market (calculated only singles, album and music video sales) annual output value of about $ 4.1 billion, accounting for 25.4% of the world market, the world's top five music markets are Japan (25.4%) the United States (22.5%), Germany (10.6%), United Kingdom (8.6%), France (6.2%) [1], which singles sales accounted for more than 70% of the world circulation.

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