Jelly Bean Theme PRO



GO Launcher Jelly Bean Theme!
Do you want to have the latest Android version in your phone!?

With this Jelly Bean Theme you'll get:
* 70+ HD-Icons
* 10 Authentic Jelly Bean Wallpapers
* Jelly Bean Folder Design
* Authentic App Drawer
* Updates with more icons and wallpapers

We will also release a Jelly Bean ULTIMATE Theme with Jelly Bean Locker, Theme and Live Wallpapers.
This update is free for all who buy our PRO version now!

You need the latest version of GO Laucher EX installed.

Go to: Menu > Themes > Installed > Jelly Bean Theme PRO and press "Apply".

Long press on the icon you want to change, press "Replace" and choose "Jelly Bean Theme PRO" from the dropdown menu at the top. Now you just pick your icon and it's done!

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