Joba 3D Wallpaper



This is a 3D wallpaper with the role of Joba in《ONE PIECE》. Tony Tony Chopper is a popular Japanese cartoon characters in 《ONE PIECE》. Joba is the straw hat Pirates Ship's doctor, he is a reindeer who eat all the fruit .The lovely Joba was born in the kingdom of cherry blossoms, so it's like pink. Do you want to interact with lovely Joba? Come to download this 3D wallpaper!

On rest:
1. Snowflakes dancing(top-down slowly falling away), the cherry blossom petals falling slowly, from big to small.
2.Joba blinks his lovely eyes, and randomly turn his head ,sideways and Lovely twist.
3. Automatic slow rotation scene

On interaction:
1. Drag around , the frame rotates 360 degrees as the center of Joba.
2. Click on Joba’s head, he turns his head;Click on his stomach,he twists;Click on his legs ,he sideways.
3. Shake the mobile phone, Joba sway.

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