Jonah Hex Megan Fox Theme



You have to install Theme Software TO US APP! It's easy and it gives you access to 1000's of great themes.

Use Ahome,OpenHome,Freshface or free app Pandahome Pandahome2 to install. wallpaper background
Email me with any questions on how to install.
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For Ringtone
using the mail app (not gmail app) on your Android phone open email,
Click view attachment
click on paperclip
save to SD card Ringtone folder
plugging ur phone in with usb and download ringtone to your pc with your email program. Then drag and drop the file to your phones ringtone folder.

To install Theme
You have to install a theme software to use this app. There are several out there ahome, open home, and pandahome2. Once you install the software you can choose from 1000's of different themes (I have about 250 different ones available.)
Go to the market and search for pandahome2 (it's free) then install (all one word by netdragon)
It comes up on your phone as 91pandahome
click on it
click on menu
then Pandahome on bottom right and you should see the theme listed.
click on it and apply

Absolutely no copyright infringement is intended. All images are the sole property of their respective owners. This theme wallpaper background icons are only for artistic entertainment. May work with Crazy home dxtop

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