KAKAO Christmas Theme Love



Christmas cacao Flick theme (Red): Love
Our theme was created specifically for the upcoming Christmas ~
That's right! Christmas theme: love convenience cacao Flick theme.
Welcome Christmas with a friend, lover or family with you! 's To mingle theme.

Cute! Chic! Stylish!
Theme you want to keep watching!
Contact with my friends to want to create a theme!
Pleasure in sending a message themes!
These cacao Flick theme!

Cacao Flick theme how to set up
1 The first cacao Flick 3.0 or later version installed to
2 Go theme after a search on Google Play Store!
3 Cacao Flick App running after More> Settings> Theme Settings> Christmas theme: love side
After installation by selecting the appropriate theme please! 's That simple!

Christmas theme: got all the love side of the ㈜ Revolution.
Unauthorized distribution and replication, there may be adverse legal consequences if I need to be careful

※ Christmas theme: In addition to the love side, different versions of so many, I'm begging you.
※ If you have any inconveniences or suggestions of using support@rev-biz.com Please send me
Our precious App Revolution is updated frequently treasured Please doeohni
Our Revolution is more fun and I'll find you beneficial App. Promise ~

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