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Koi Live Wallpaper's review


An original way to customize your phone

  • For lovers of Japanese culture
  • Relaxing device wallpaper
  • Takes up a lot of resources
  • Full version costs money

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"Fish, calm water, and relaxation as your phone's wallpaper"


When it comes to original wallpapers, this app has pulled something out of the bag. Koi is a free tool that imitates an aquatic environment full of Japanese koi fish. You can interact with them, feed them, or just simply relax and watch them swim back and forth.


The background is very easy to configure. All you pretty much need to do is open the app, or go to the settings menu on your phone. With this app, you'll be able to customize your phone in an original way, as it imitates a Japanese carp pool. If you're one for customizing your mobile, you'll love this; even more so if you're into Japanese culture. If you tap the screen you can feed the fish, too.


If you want the full version you need to pay. Also, installing an animated wallpaper as complex as this requires quite a lot of device memory, so keep that in mind especially if you have a low to mid-range phone.

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by Cecília

Oct 06, 2016

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