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Here is another Bleach Live Wallpaper for you guys! This wallpaper features Kuchiki Byakuya, Captain of the 6th squad of the Gotei 13. The legendary Shinigami, head of the Kuchiki clan, whose Zanpakatou, Senbonzakura, can reduce his opponents to shreds in one wave of his hand!

This Live Wallpaper features Byakuya with pink Sakura leaves/blades floating gently across your screen! Tap on them to watch them disappear!

Check this wallpaper out and let me know what you want changed!

How to use: Wallpapers->Live Wallpapers-> Kuchiki Byakuya Ad Free

I only created the application itself using Live Wallpaper Creator, the art was drawn by the gifted DETO15. Please visit his and his colleagues' website and check out more cool Anime art! http://www.brokentone.net/#p=2&f=1&o=1

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