Lake and mountain Live Wall



It is the live wall paper which fish swim back to the yellow mountain.

[Lake and mountain Live Wallpaper ] is live wallpaper which is available for free.
Download, you can find a lot of live wallpaper from! Please use.

The main features of [Lake and mountain Live Wallpaper ]

Fixed and live wallpaper
When you slide the screen HOME, I want to not move the live wallpaper.

Live Wallpaper scroll speed of adjustment,
I adjust the screen when you slide the HOME, the scroll speed of the live wallpaper.
How to Set Up: Live Wallpaper
"Set as Wallpaper" → [Lake and mountain Live Wallpaper ] → Wallpapers> Live Wallpapers -> - Home -> Menu

※ Requirements: Android 2.1 or higher
※ It is the Portrait only.

※ live wallpaper [Lake and mountain Live Wallpaper ] is the trial version. After a 24-hour alert to buy the paid version will be displayed.
When you purchase the paid version, the alert will not be displayed.

"Setting" → [Lake and mountain Live Wallpaper ] → Wallpapers> Live Wallpapers -> - Home -> Menu
Purchase from the official version, it is available for purchase.

※ wallpaper scrolling behavior is dependent on the Home application.
If funny, the movement of the scroll please try to check Home app's settings.

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