Large Keys Keyboard IME



Need an IME keyboard with Large keys?

This App splits your keyboard into two sides, which allow bigger buttons to be displayed. You can easily toggle between keyboard sides making use of the orientation sensor: by simply turning the phone left/right you'll be shown the correct keyboard side.

Need to often use different languages?

This App integrates multiple keyboard types which can be easily toggled during run time. Besides the standard QUERTY, you have Cyrillic, Greek, and Korean keyboards available. QUERTZ and AZERTY are available as well.

- Appealing key appearance.
- Translation service, allowing to quickly translate selected words to any language.
- Multiple keyboard type in same application! Besides the conventional QUERTY keyboard, supports also Cyrillic, Greek, Korean, french AZERTY and German QUERTZ keyboards.
- Portuguese and Spanish QUERTY keyboard also available.
- Integrated menu button, which allows to quickly set up new keyboard type, change key colors, insert smileys and other user preferences.
- Allows users to switch to non-split mode, or choose split mode for a specific screen orientation (portrait or landscape).
- Digit keys ALWAYS shown at the top of the keyboard, as in a conventional pc keyboard, avoiding the need to keep toggling between digit/text mode.
- Shift characters are marked on the keys, allowing user to know in advance the character that will be generated when shift/caps lock key is on.

After Installing, to activate keyboard:
1. Press Menu button in home screen
2. Goto Settings >> Language and Keyboard
3. Check/Select "Motion Keyboard"
4. Open your webbrowser (or any text box from any App)
5. Select the text box, long press until dialog is shown
6. Select "Input Method"
7. Choose "Motion Keyboard" from the list
8. DONE!

Watch promotional video for more details, takes less than 4 minutes!

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