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    Have the famous Italian stallion, Ligabue, rock out on your background with this cool live wallpaper. Luciano Ligabue aka Ligabue is an Italian rock singer-songwriter, film director, and writer. Ligabue was born in Correggio, in the province of Reggio Emilia. Before becoming a successful singer, he held various jobs, working in agriculture and in factories. He entered the music world in 1987, when he founded the amateur band Orazero. The following year his fellow Emilian singer-songwriter Pierangelo Bertoli was the first to discover Ligabue's writing talents, and included one of Ligabue's songs, "Sogni di Rock'n'Roll." His most famous hits include Balliamo sul mondo (Let's Dance On The World), Ho perso le parole (I lost words) and the most successful of all, Certe Notti (Certain Nights), which was voted as "Italian song of the 1990s" in a poll held by a popular music magazine. He also collaborated with another famous singer-songwriter, Francesco Guccini, who also had a part in Ligabue's first movie.
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