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Lightning - a giant electric spark discharge in the atmosphere, usually can occur during electrical storms, reflected the bright

a flash of light, and its accompanying thunder. Lightning were also detected on Venus, Jupiter, Saturn and Uranus, etc.
The current in a lightning strike reaches 10-100 thousand amperes, voltage - million volts (sometimes as high as 50 million volts)
Electrical nature of lightning was discovered in studies of the American physicist Benjamin Franklin, the idea of ​​which was conducted

experience for extracting power from a storm cloud.
Lightning occurs most frequently in cumulonimbus clouds, then they are called lightning, sometimes lightning is formed

nimbostratus clouds, as well as volcanic eruptions, tornadoes, and dust storms.
Commonly observed linear lightning, which are so-called electrodeless discharge, as they begin (and

end) in clusters of charged particles.
It defines them some still unexplained properties different from the lightning discharge between the electrodes.
In 1989 he was discovered by a special kind of lightning - elves, lightning in the upper atmosphere in 1995 opened another kind of lightning

upper atmosphere - jets.
According to early estimates, the frequency of lightning on Earth was 100 times a second.
Lightning is an electrical explosion and in some ways similar to the detonation.
It causes a shock wave, dangerous in the vicinity. The shock wave from a fairly powerful storm

discharge at distances of a few meters can cause damage, destroy trees.
Lightning - a serious threat to human life. The defeat of the human or animal body by lightning often occurs in open

spaces, as the electric current flows along the shortest path "storm cloud-to-ground."
Lightning often falls into the trees and transformer installation on rail, causing a fire. The defeat of the usual

linear lightning inside the building is not possible, but there is a perception that the so-called ball lightning can penetrate through cracks

and open windows. Normal air discharge dangerous for TV and radio antennas are located on the roofs of tall buildings, as well as for networking.
Lightning is in the trunk of a tree on the path of least electrical resistance, with the release of a large amount of heat

turning water into steam, which splits the tree trunk, or more often pulls away parts of the cortex, showing the way of lightning.
Lightning is also a very great threat to surface ships in view of the fact that the latter are raised above the surface

the sea and have a lot of sharp items (masts, antenna), is a hub of the electric field.
Lightning is the most dangerous for low-flying aircraft or helicopters, as in this case, the aircraft may play a role

conductor of the lightning current from the cloud to the ground.
It is known that the planes at high altitudes rather frequently struck by lightning, and yet, in this case of a disaster

because rare. At the same time, we know there are many cases of defeat by lightning on aircraft taking off and landing, as well as

parking lot, which ended in disaster or destruction of the aircraft.

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