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    Interesting facts about Lincoln.

    In 1908, the company "Cadillac Motor" , founded in the early 20th century by Henry Martin Leland , has joined the company "General Motors" , founded by William Crapo Durant .

    The first Lincoln luxury was released in 1920 (this was the model L). In the limo was a V- shaped 8 -cylinder engine capacity of 5.8 liters. and 90 hp

    This debut of Henry Martyn Leland first attempt to enter the elite environment of the American car industry , but it was not successful , in fact - she turned of solid losses : in 1921, losses amounted to 100 thousand dollars a month, and in those days this was where more significant amount than today.

    Analysts agree that the reason for poor sales of the first design was Lincoln who was clearly deprived of the attention of developers. In general, this defect was somewhat predictable , given the personal qualities of Leland - it was the practice to the bone, if the thing works - nothing more is needed. And the years he was then , by the way , are over 70 - the ability to rebuild at that age in humans is almost lost. Hence , by the way , has emerged and the advantage of made limousines - They are excellent quality and have had little or no technical flaws.
    The transaction took place in 1922 - February 4 , Henry Ford bought " Lincoln Motor" for $ 8 million . Lincoln became president of the firm 's son " Road King" Edsel Ford (1893-1943 gg.) , Who said : " My father makes the most popular cars in the world , and I want to do the best ."

    That is why the Edsel did not touch the high quality of the technical part of Lincoln , and was engaged only in design and made ​​it to the aristocratic style , then what was required , and now works fine.
    All the necessary innovations have been introduced very rapidly, and at the end of 1922 saw the light of the updated Lincoln L (Lincoln L). In subsequent years, this car a few times been crafted - the replacement of cast iron to aluminum pistons , replacement of hydraulic shock absorbers . The famous icon - the hound on the radiator , appeared in 1926 , the same year Lincoln had got Perrot brakes that are more efficient . It was later increased engine capacity (though this does not affect his power) to 6.3 liters and increased torque. On the back there were chrome - it added beauty and " luxury " car.
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