A smart application that you can quickly share your photos with your friends. No network to connect to facebook? Not a problem, you can still share your photos via a local wifi or mobile hotspot. LinShare is a lightweight local share app and
it's fit for a small or private circumstance, i.e. within a meeting, in a party or at home.

1. Connectivity:
1.1 User auto detection under local wifi env. (*)
1.2 Support directly connecting via IP address
1.3 Support offline browsing
2. Content Sharing:
2.1 Smaller size, quick share, and fast transfers
2.2 Easily manage the shared contents
3. Browsing Share:
3.1 Overview, detail view, slide show or TOC view for quickly browsing
3.2 Support saving shared pictures or setting as the wallpaper
3.3 Special landscape mode for one hand manipulating
3.4 Support browser accessing
4. User Management:
4.1 Display offline user or not
4.2 Support linking friends
4.3 Support unknown user removal (when offline)
4.4 User priority by accessing frequency
5. Security:
5.1 Allow or deny offline browsing
5.2 Access PIN to protect your share against unauthorized access

* - Auto detect restriction:
1) The devices should have the same class C network addresses
2) The AP should support broadcast

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