Liquid Chrome (Metaballs) LWP



Amazing live wallpaper with liquid metal objects (also known as metaballs) moving, blending and mixing together in full 3D. Observe how mimetic polyalloy objects morphs on your desktop.

TO USE: Press MENU on home screen->Wallpapers->LiveWallpapers

This spectacular live wallpaper heavily relies on phone GPU to deliver stunning visual effects, so high-end device is recommended.

You may choose from different appearances:
+ Random fields
+ Grid (ultra version only)
+ Alien artifacts (ultra version only)
and materials:
+ Liquid chrome
+ Multicolor chrome
+ Dark titanium (ultra version only)
+ Copper alloy (ultra version only)
+ Alien metal (ultra version only)

In case of any problems please send e-mail so we can solve it.

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