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This is simply a donation version of my free League of Legends soundboard. There are *no* differences besides this one being ad-free. I highly recommend you at least try the free version before purchasing this donation version! :)

League of Legends Soundboard strives to be the most complete soundboard for the League of Legends game by allowing the ability to download a complete sound pack for every hero! We even have packs for the purchased skins that have special sounds such as Tryndamere's Demonblade or Corporate Mundo! (Please keep in mind only English language packs are available!)

All packs can be downloaded directly from within the application menu itself. Packs are downloaded to your external storage (SDCard) to keep the size of the application itself to a minimum!

All LoL heroes to date are included. Choose from your favorite heroes:
and all of the other heroes!

Please send feedback regarding this app using the menu option available within the app!

Tested working on:
Nexus 4 (4.0.3-4.2.2)
Nexus One (2.3.3 and 4.0.3)
Evo 4G (2.3.7)
Droid X (2.3.7)
Please let me know if you encounter a bug!

I have no affiliation with Riot (other than simply being a fan)!

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