Love Valentine LWP 2012



Love Valentine LWP 2012
Love Valentine LWP 2012 + Valentines Day ( by topic Romantic) 2012

Valentines Day Live Wallpaper ( extended release). First part.
Romantic from Gold Chack collection Team and Valentines Day from CREASY-DESIGN GROUP .
This unusial collection live wallpaper includes backgroundes and personages from our Art crazy-men designers.
The good mood from indeed Valentines Day Live Wallpaper collection.
This gorgeous collection of Live wallpapers is a wonderful find for the real judge of good android APP.

****** note should be taken at opening an application Love Valentine LWP 2012 ******
=Not all handsettings support the live wallpaper feature.=
=Please send email message me if you have any questions, suggestions, or problem.=
= Help to use: HOME -> MENU -> Wallpaper -> Live Wallpapers.=

Our studio will be glad to offer to you our new developments by Valentines Day theme in the quickest time.

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