LWP Fly Kite



It is Spring season, what can you do on this lovely season?
Why not fly some kites for your Kids on your Android phone?
It will evoke your childhood glorious memories of flying a kite.
Blue sky and white clouds,blowing in the wind with marvelous kites, delicate background.
13 beautiful kites waiting for you to fly on your android screen!
You may notice that each time you set the fly kite, the background may be different.
And sometime, the background maybe your phone's default wall paper background, amazing?
If the kite not move, what to do? Just shake your phone.
How can I set my default wall paper background?
Step 1: Long touch your phone screen;
Step 2: Select your phone wallpaper;
Step 3: Long touch the screen again and select this live wallpaper.
Step 4: Your default background will show up sometimes when you set it.
No more wait, just download and let it fly.

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