LWP Shingeki no Kyojin Levi



Levi, The Fabulous Man, will be on your Home Screen!
There'll be a bubble of blood from the Titan that floating around, when you touch it, Levi will SLASH it with cool looking sword effect.

PLEASE BE PATIENT, this apps need many Ram because the high quality image and slash effect, plus it's not only LWP (there's an app). This apps intended for Android that have 768Mb Ram or more.

if still crash, try again, It's for Levi's sake.

but if still crash, THERE IS A WAY, please use the Live Wallpaper Chooser (from Home Screen Menu, not from shortcut on the app) to choose the Live Wallpaper. That way, the Ram needed by the apps only used in Live Wallpaper. I hope we all happy.
Feature :
-Chibi Levi Widget.
- Famous Anime Character
- Flawless Animation
- Interactive with the items
- change speed, direction, and number
- can be used in non scrollable home
- Freemium with Ads Powered. The ads will support the development, and will make us develop more apps for you, for FREE. *see in the EULA when you instal this apps*

Set Wallpaper Guide :
- @home, press menu key and select "wallpaper"-"live wallpaper" and choose the one you want to set.
- @home, press and hold the screen, then select "set wallpaper..."-Choose "Live wallpaper" then select the one you want to set.

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