Marvelous Live Wallp




    "Made your own live paper by yourself and countdown your own life time!"
    Do you think it is a joke? No, it isn't. It is an era of orient-oneself and express-character. You can do anything that you want. To make live wallpaper is not a dream, predicate your life expectancy not a dream and so do the both at the same time. This app-Marvelous Live Wallpaper will make it true.
    The main functions and how to set:
    1. To predicate your left lifetime. It is easy to get to know at what age will you die.
    First, put your birth date and time according the instructions and then you get the knowledge of Oldest age, world average, Euro-American Average and Asian Average.
    Second, do two quiz-calculate by short term and calculate by long term. The quiz is almost about your basic information and daily habits. Do it as truthfully as possible, you will get the answer which is more close to your real life expectancy.
    2.Live Wallpaper setting: choose one of the styles that you love and the date which you want to display on the wallpaper, then select My live Wallpaper and set it as your wallpaper.
    3. For the wallpaper, there are several styles for you to choose, such as Destiny Wheel(Green),Snow, Galactic, Destiny Wheel(Red), Destiny Wheel(Blue). For the date, you can choose one from-none(don't show any clock), current(show full date clock) and your expectancy date, which you can get after you have finished you r quiz.
    4. For getting more wallpapers: there is a link for you to enter into Google market, where you can get more live wallpapers, only you have an Google account.
    5. If you feel it is interesting and makes you fun, please tell a friend and rate five stars. We will appreciate you very much.
    With this app, the next time, when you take out your phone and look at your wallpaper, your feeling must be very different-happy,excitement as well as proud. There are many more and funny functions for you to explore. Try it, and you will be never disappointed. Instead, it will give you surprise one by one.
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    Wallpaper printing techniques include surface printing, silk screen-printing, rotary printing, and digital printing. Generally speaking, there are seventeen basic patterns, described as wallpaper groups, which can be used to tile an infinite plane. Almost all the manufactured wallpaper patterns are based on these groups. A single pattern can be issued in various colorways.

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