MATRIX Animated Desktop ADW

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    Watch Demo here
    or search youtube for "android animated desktop demo"

    just scroll down and videos are on my webpage address

    Stunning desktop animation, the first fully animated icons for android. Desktop features full 3d spinning icons, google searchbar that has code running over it, a full 3d backdrop, a spinning led light, lightning that connects the phone icon to the browser icon and many other features. Well worth the time it takes to install and set up. This app combines the power of adw and the use of video live wallpaper to create jaw dropping home screens.

    Must have ADW home replacement
    **app will not open on its own, it is an adw theme.
    ***WATCH TUTORIAL here <a href="">links</a>
    or search youtube for animated android desktop tutorial

    if tutorial doesnt help, the stock wallpaper also has instructions.

    please dont rate low because u cant read, if u have any questions feel free to email me

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