Maybach Cars Live Wallpaper



New great live wallpaper with pictures of Maybach automobiles!
By installing these live wallpaper with images of Maybach automobiles, you can endlessly enjoy the changing of high-quality photos of Maybach automobiles:

★ Maybach 57 and 62
★ Maybach Exelero
★ Maybach 57S
★ Maybach 62S
★ Maybach 62 Landaulet
★ Maybach 57 Zeppelin
★ Maybach 62 Zeppelin
★ Maybach Guard

HD pictures quietly move across the screen of your device smoothly changing one after another!

Instructions for installing live wallpaper on your smartphone or tablet:
Go to the Settings ⇒ Personalization ⇒ Display ⇒ Dynamic Backgrounds.

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