!-- A complete rewrite is in the works for Android 5.0+, most of the current issues with the app are because most of the code was originally written in the android 2.3 days. The updated app will be fully Material design and take advantage of all the latest improvements in Android such as the job scheduler. I currently do not know an ETA --!

    MediaGyro makes it easy to automate your media. It allows you to do things such as set work friendly wallpapers and ringtones while you are at work, or maybe you just want it to automatically set to vibrate. You can get a different message sound for every text, a different ringtone for every call, or even shuffle through all your wallpapers. There's lots of options, and more to come in the future!

    For technical support, questions, suggestions, or anything else:
    Email -
    Reddit - BakonGuy

    SET_WALLPAPER :: Set wallpaper

    READ_EXTERNAL_STORAGE :: Read images and sounds from SD Card

    WRITE_EXTERNAL_STORAGE :: Set the ringtones and notifications, this is default android behavior
    WRITE_SETTINGS :: Set the ringtones and notifications

    READ_PHONE_STATE :: Detect when a phone call ends

    ACCESS_COARSE_LOCATION :: Receive Cell-IDs for determining approximate location
    ACCESS_FINE_LOCATION :: Not used but required by Cell-ID

    ACCESS_WIFI_STATE :: Detect current Wi-Fi's state and MAC address

    RECEIVE_SMS :: Detect when a text message is received (but not read it)

    RECEIVE_BOOT_COMPLETED :: Start the timer back up if you're using the "Minutes" trigger.

    INTERNET :: Ads - Full version excluded
    ACCESS_NETWORK_STATE :: Ads - Full version excluded

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