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    Megavolt (Darkwing) Wallpapers and Theme Application

    Rats criminal commanding electricity, in addition to money, loves to steal light bulbs and appliances (in Russian translation in one of a series called "elektrozhulikom"), a former classmate of the Black Cloak first fought him at the graduation ball. During the raid wanted to choose a name for themselves, "Megawatt," but it turned out that the name of the school was occupied by a rock band that was playing at the ball, so I had to pick a name, "Megavolt".

    Darkwing Duck is an Animated Action Adventure television series produced by The Walt Disney Company that ran from 1991–1995 on both the syndicated programming block The Disney Afternoon and Saturday mornings on ABC. It featured the eponymous anthropomorphic duck superhero whose alter ego is mild-mannered single quacker Drake Mallard. It is the only direct spin-off of DuckTales.

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