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    Mi-14 - the sea shore-based multi-purpose helicopter, designed by OKB ML Mile. Mass production is organized at the end of 1973 at the factory number 387 in Kazan. In the years 1973-1986 were produced 273 Mi-14. The fuselage of the Mi-14 is in an "amphibious" with two inflatable floats on the sides of the barrel-shaped (balonetami), a volume of 4 cubic meters During the work on construction of the Mi-8 has undergone significant changes - in fact designed the new helicopter with more powerful engines TV3-117 (2200 hp), the new head gear BP-14, APU A-9. Tail rotor moved to the other side (as opposed to E-8), which increased its efficiency. The helicopter is retractable 4-rack chassis. Fuel is placed in three groups of tanks total capacity 3240 liters. When one additional tank capacity increases to 3685 liters.

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