Milwaukee Brewers 3D WALLPAPER

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    LIVE Customizable 3D Milwaukee Brewers WALLPAPER!

    You control the baseball logo, you control the background image, you control the baseball.
    Use the wallpaper's built in GOOGLE search engine to look for any image/logo that you would like to apply to the 3D baseball or background.
    Watch the incredible 3D baseball (with your LOGO of choice) rotate on the screen with realistic graphics or make the ball invisible to enjoy the entire background wallpaper in full screen.

    A must have for any baseball fan.

    Must see it in action to really appreciate its remarkable "real-life" look.

    After downloading, to install, go to:
    menu->wallpaper->Live Wallpapers->Milwaukee Brewers

    Be sure to check out the quick Help tutorial under the wallpaper settings to see how easy it is to search and apply your logo and wallpaper.