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    Minecraft - this building game genre "sandbox", inspired by Infiniminer, Dwarf Fortress and Dungeon Keeper and created

    Markus Persson, founder of Mojang AB. The game allows players to create and destroy blocks, and use various

    three-dimensional objects in the environment. The player controls a character that can destroy or set blocks

    forming fantastic structures, creation and artwork alone or collectively with other players in the

    different multiplayer servers in different game modes.

    Minecraft took quite a long development cycle. Minecraft Classic is available for free play. In addition, the available

    demo, you learn the game without buying.

    Minecraft development started on 10 May 2009, pre-orders for the full game started to be taken June 13, 2009

    year. Full version was released November 18, 2011, during the MineCon 2011. Minecraft is available for Windows, Linux, OS X and Xbox

    360, is developing versions for iOS and Android.

    Minecraft does not stand a single day!

    Interesting facts about Minecraft:

    Did you know that the first blocks in Maynkraft were grass and cobblestone, and he represented the simulator caves.
    Did you know that the original maynkraft called «Cave Game» was later renamed «Minecraft: Order of the Stone" and then was

    changed to «Minecraft».
    Did you know that the first mode in Maynkraft was added to Creative 0.0.11a, before the single player was not.
    Did you know that the generator of the world in Minecraft 3 times altered. Generator of the world that have now been added to the 1.3-

    and uses Perlin noise. Incidentally Notch says it's his big secret.
    Did you know that the multiplayer was added only in version 0.0.16a. This stage of development called Post Multiplayer

    Creative Mode Release.
    And you know what the status of the health bar was added in version 0.24. In the same version were added zombies, skeleton, pig,

    creeper, sheep. Also changed the alternator caves.
    Did you know that before we all loved diamonds called emeralds. But Notch decided that the name of the diamonds are modern.
    And you know that Dynamic lighting was only added in 0.31. Also in this version added Kraft.
    Did you know that the cycle of the day night was added to Indev. Also available in Indev maynkraft become much playable.
    Did you know that you can turn Maynkraft full screen mode by pressing the F11. Just yesterday, found that button.
    Did you know that in a mob Maynkraft Zombie Giant surviayl but after test deleted it. He was the only mob that

    died exactly 50 darts.
    Did you know that the person depicted in the sand is the soul of the soul after the death of griefers who go to hell.
    Did you know that the very first meme Russian Maynkraft is "flooded Metro", the fact that there was no localization, and

    people built on their server huge underground until someone does not doryl to the ocean.
    Did you know that before we all loved diamonds called emeralds. Notch but decided that the name of the diamonds are modern.

    Happy New Year 2013

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