Stop losing your favorite photos and videos.
Access your data on any mobile device with flexibility and ease from Mobile Zop. Backup your photos and videos automatically, without pressing a button. Switch devices quickly and painlessly with Mobile Zop’s convenient, cross-platform “cloud”.
Mobile Zop is a data-storing cloud service that allows you the freedom to switch from device to device and retain all of your information as you go. Take a picture or record a video on your mobile device and Mobile Zop will instantaneously store it on a data cloud, retrievable from any other device. Switch phones and still access all of your data from your old device by simply re-downloading your Mobile Zop app.
Mobile Zop’s coverage includes contacts, text messages, calendar appointments, photos, videos and newsfeeds, as well as music and more. It’s user-friendly interface is compatible with multiple platforms and works both nationally and internationally. This beta version of the Mobile Zop app is completely free, with both photo and video capabilities.

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