Moe Kano



Let's get along with her touch.

<< >> I'll give you name the first
You can set the following menu after startup.
[Message at startup]
[Message at the time of receipt of gift]

Touch her << >>
HT is up.
ST is down.
She will be cranky and less than or equal to 30 ST.
Becomes 0 ST, HT does not increase even if the touch.
ST will continue to recover, and over time.
ST recovery will be a little When you click the banana that appears occasionally.

More than 100 << >> HT
Increasing number of SG, CG wallpaper will be added.

Gift << >>
You can only once a day, give a gift to her.
HT significantly increased when present, ST all will be restored.

>> << TALK mode
TALK mode will be available 20 When the SG.
ST will be restored If there is a match with her topic.

+ Button << >>
Set the live wallpaper.

Button << L >>
You show or hide the clock.

Button >> << ■ change of clothes
SG will change into gym shorts in the ■ button is equal to or greater than 40.

Clairvoyance << >>
You will be able to use clairvoyance and more than 37 SG. Will continue to up the abilities of clairvoyance rises as SG.

Bust up supporters << >>
• You will be able to cooperate with the bust-up with her over 60 SG.

Tweets time << >>
• When the function is turned ON twitter, to display the latest tweet from the timeline on a regular basis.
-Has become "moekanojp" TwitterId is the initial configuration, will tell you the time every hour.

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