Molrang bath dodol launcher



Launcher theme molrang bath let 도돌.
Launcher favorite bath Rotund molrang bath let 도돌 birth!
Immerse yourself in this world of molrang ~
Transformation ♥ When you apply a theme, the wallpaper / icon / launcher widget! : D

How to apply theme *** ***
- First 도돌 (▶ To install: Please install the launcher
Set as the default home launcher - used as the default value for this task by pressing the Home button or select [always] 도돌
- Home screen, sweep up as a gesture to raise [theme] menu selections, remove the launcher menu, select the theme you want to apply

Launcher's special ★ *** 도돌 ***
- Simple, cute, bling bling, chic, fluffy, warm personality out of a variety of themes and
Incessant new theme update
- Quick switch / Memory Cleaner and convenient default widget
Application (s) and / or convenient than a list of Quick Launch dock and the notification window widget using
Fonts / Ringtones / Decorating keyboard support
Detailed settings, such as screen transition effects / individual icons / folder
- Reliable and convenient through the Home screen, copy / backup support

*** NOTICE ***
Available in the Android OS 4.0.2 (ICS, Jelly Bean).
- Yet Android OS 4.2.2 can not be used at the 'll Be happy to help as soon as possible!
- Does not apply, depending on the unit can be

*** Support ***
- Contact:
- Official blog:
- Facebook:

Ponguk Operations Team, 010-9351-6366

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