More Colourful Cubes UCCW Skin

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    This is the donate version of the popular Colourful Cubes UCCW skin for Ultimate Custom Widget (UCCW), version 2.1.2 or higher.


    - Current Weather Conditions
    - Current Temperature
    - Time
    - Location
    - Date
    - Battery Level

    To install:

    1. Select the UCCW widget from your list of widgets

    2. Select format 4x2

    3. Select "More Colourful Cubes"

    4. Tap on the Touch here hand icon.

    5. Resize to your liking.

    To set Location and Weather:

    1. Select the main UCCW app from your app drawer.

    2. Go to menu

    3. Go to settings

    4. Choose settings


    If you have any problems, please email me.

    Please note that there is a known bug currently caused by new Jelly Bean encryption, which may cause your skin not to show up in your UCCW Skins list. This issue is not confined to UCCW skins. All third-party personalization apps are affected. If your skin doesn't show, please drop me an email. Please do not give the skin a bad rating. Cheers!

    If your new skin does not show in your list of skins, please email me and I will sort it out for you.

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