Music File Setting



There must be many beautiful music file on your mobile phone and you can listen them with the music/Mp3 player. But what can you do with these music apart from playing on phone? Most people do not know the answer. In fact, you can set them as your ringtones with Music File Setting application! When some body call you or send your short message and even alarm ring call you up on the morning, there will appear a music or voice sound ringtone. If you set the music as your tones, you may have a good mood compared with the traditional Di---Di---sound.
You may say that the songs is too long and do not suit to set as alarm ringtone or I just need one part of the whole song! Do not worry about it. Because you can edit the song as you like! With the editor in this free app, you can cut part from the whole song and then save it in your SD card. You may have a beautiful voice and would like to singing by yourself. With our app, you can record your voice down and then set them notify you when your friends contact you!
Music File Setting can not only be used to set the mp3, ogg, amr file from your SD card, record or edit your own songs, it can also offer you many free popular ringtones. With them you need not download them from internet any more. There are heavy music, lively music and alarm the app system, you must can find one that suit you most!

More details for you to get further function knowledge:
1. Total free for your device. If you have an android phone, you can get and use it with ease.
2. With it, you can set your ringtone of call, alarm and notification. Save your time for setting them one by one for searching on the main menu.
3. If you do not want to set music or other sound as your ringtone, you can record your or others voice as your ringtone. For instance, if you are a young mother, the busy daily work keep you away from your baby. For this case, you can record your baby's voice and set it as your ringtone. Every time when your phone rings, you will hear your baby's voice, which, to some degree, can decrease the miss for him.
4. It is available for you to edit the music you like. For a piece of song, may be you just want to set one part of them as your ringtone. At this time, you can use the editing function the edit the song according to your preference.
5. Four modes for your to choose: Ring&Vibrate, Ring Only, Vibrate Only AND Silent. Change the mode with the change of situation and environment you are in.
6. Access for you set almost all the volume here, such as Alarm, Multimedia and others.

In a word, it is an all-in-one app. It is a ringtone creator, ringtone resource offer, volume and profile setting app at the same time. You can set phone call ring, alarm ring and notification ringtone at a same time while other apps need you set them one by one! There are so many music file in your android mobile phone, why don't you take full advantage of them? Now go and make a new ringtone. It will not let you down!>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>
This free app is ad supported . The ads help us create and maintain these free apps for you. Please, respect the developer work. If you don't like notification ads or icon ads, you can just uninstall the app. for uninstall, uncheck this app on Settings → Location and security → Select device administrators.