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Interesting facts about My little pony: friendship is magic
Action series "Friendship - a miracle" takes place in a fictional country called Ekvestriya (from Lat. Equus - horse)
inhabited by intelligent ponies and a number of other reasonable and unreasonable things. Ekvestriya is in a fantasy world, where in addition
normal animals also inhabit the dragons, griffins, manticore and other fantastic creatures. In addition there are Ekvestrii
other distant countries, where they live, for example, zebras (which corresponds to the African culture.)
Weather, day, night and the seasons do not change in Ekvestrii themselves: for the rise of the sun and the moon and meet Princess Celestiya
her sister Princess Luna - Ekvestrii ruler, for the weather - Pegasus, which move in the sky. Seasons
replaced by magic or collective works based on the traditions of the settlement and the availability of skilled magicians. The only place in
Ekvestrii where everything grows and changes itself - Vechnodiky forest (born Everfree forest), which because of this is a pony
creepy place.
All living Ekvestriyu pony can be divided into several types:
Earth pony - ordinary pony. They are very hard working and is much closer to nature than others.
Pegasus - ponies that have wings to fly. They can walk on clouds. Their main profession - management
Unicorns - ponies, endowed with the magical horn that can do wonders. Their main ability - telekinesis, but they can
explore other kinds of magic. Most often, these ponies are employed in occupations that require delicate handling.
Alikorny - ponies that have both wings and a horn. This is the only pony that can fly and own magic
simultaneously. At the moment, there are three known Alikorna (originally presented only two): Princess Celestia, Princess
Luna and Princess Cadence.
all ponies have magic, unicorns just can better control it. It is through the magic of the earth pony communicate with
nature, and Pegasus walk on clouds.
When the ponies grow up, they get "badges" (born cutie mark) - mark on the rump, showing their special talent or
purpose in life.
The main character - a unicorn named Twilight Sparkle (born Twilight Sparkle), a pupil of Princess Celestia, which all
while sitting at the books and did not want to socialize with anyone else. Seeing as the heroine buried with his head in his studies, the princess gives her
job to find friends and sends sparks and her assistant, a dragon named Spike, in Ponivill. There, she meets different
pony, his new friends: a feisty rainbow, elegant Rarita, hardworking Eppldzhek, timid Fluttershy, and hyperactive
Pinkie Pie. Together they explore the city, the residents solve problems and find new friends. Every time a spark finds
something about friendship, it shall communicate that Celestia.
Rainbow Dash - pegasus-daredevil, helping to control the weather.

Rarita - fashionable and charming unicorn pony with a talent designer.

Fluttershy - shy pony Pegasus, who loves animals.

Pinkie Pie - hyperactive pony who loves to throw parties.

Eppldzhek - hardworking ponies with apple farm on the outskirts Ponivillya.

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