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    Here comes the chance for choosing your favorite music or the ringtone to add as your individual ring!

    When you walk in the street, a piece of beautiful and fair-sounding music comes to your ears. You follow the sound and try to where it comes from. Finally, it is from a phone. A beauty or handsome boy who set it as the ringtone of her or his phone. You get the name of the music and tell yourself "well, why not I set it as mine".
    On a sunny afternoon, with nothing to do, you sit on the sofa, look out of the window and listen to the music. Suddenly there is a idea that occurs to you-What a beautiful music and how about becoming a ring in my phone.

    However, how should you let it become your ring? Have you ever done that before? If you do not have any better idea, follow me and look at the following instructions and you may get the answer.
    My ring library allows you to set your loved music as your phone ring, making you feel cool and proud among the crowd.

    Key features:
    1. To the beginning, you should be aware that it is free and only for the Android. If you do not have a phone of Android, it is sorry that it may fail to install.
    2. When you launch the app, you should press the menu to add the music from your SD care. It means that you should add the music in your SD card ahead, so that when you add the ring, it can become very easy and convenient for you to find the object term.
    3. There are three ways for you to select the music term. Choose the music file and find the music terms, you can choose them one by one, all, none and others. Then click the "Add" at the bottom of the main screen. Finally, you have get your ring successfully.
    Do you want to try immediately? If yes, what are you waiting for? Hurry up and own it to give your phone a ring library.

    To know more about ringtone:
    A ringtone is referred to the sound made by a telephone to indicate an incoming call or text message. It is not literally a tone nor an actual ring anymore. The term is widely used today to refer to the customizable sounds used on mobile phones.
    A telephone “ring” could be the sound generated when there was an incoming telephone call. The term which is originated from the fact that telephones had a ringing mechanism including of bells and an electromagnetically-driven clapper, producing a ringing sound. The mentioned electrical signal powers the electromagnet which will rapidly move and release the clapper, striking the bells. This electromagnetic bell system is still in widespread use. The ringing signal send to a customer's telephone was 90 volts AC at a frequency of 20 hertz in North America.

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