My Sound




    No troublesome to make ringtones, volume and mode setting from different area on your home screen.
    Tired of ringtones on your phone system?
    Have you ever lost your phone in silent mode after sleeping?
    Did your ringtone go off too loud, at the wrong place or during your well-deserved sleep?

    With this free application you can set your phone ring more easily in seconds.

    Key Features:

    1. Recommended rings for you
    2. Call ring set
    3. Alarm clock set
    4. Notification tone set
    5. Option from the system or SD card
    6. Audition ring or join list
    7. More including volume set and mode setting
    8. Volume set for alarm, multimedia, call and notification
    Warning volume set as ring volume
    current volume display
    9. Mode setting among ring & vibrate, ring only, vibrate only and silent

    Tired of being woken up by messages or unwanted phone calls? You can now sleep happily. Download My Sound now for free!! Just set into silent mode with one click!

    Have you ever tried to make your favorite songs into your ring? Download My Sound now for free!! You can do this now!

    Fed up with exchanging different phone pages to set your volume? Download My Sound now for free!! Come try this app!

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