Mystery Disk Live Wallpaper



Mystery Disk Live Wallpaper inspired to fantastic monster rancher anime!

"Legend says that before the world's continents broke up into pieces, a huge disaster hit the world. People prayed for help, and new life was created. However, new life forms brought new troubles, so the people became exasperated and sealed them into "Mystery Disc's". Many years have passed since then. Today people still continue searching for these missing "disc's" to unlock the creatures within. "

A must have for anime fans

You can select the speed , or stop the rotation of mystery disk, you can select the color and much more!

1)press a free space of your screen until a menu will appear
2)select wallpaper
3)select live wallpaper
4)select Monster Rancher live wallpaper
5)select use this or use the setting button to set your preferences


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