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This application allows you to display the Officially Licensed Notre Dame Logo as a Live Wallpaper on your phone. You can choose to either display the Live Wallpaper as a 3-D animated flag on your phone with the Notre Dame logo, or as a picture frame for your personal images with the Notre Dame logo.

Users can set the following options to personalize their phone with the Notre Dame Live Wallpaper:

1. Select a variety of different modes including the animated flag mode or as a picture frame for images from your Facebook account, your FlickR account, or from your phone.

2. Select from a variety of different picture frame templates, including: 1) a Chalk board, 2) Cork Board, 3) Football Field, 3) Wild West Template, 4) Fire Template or 5) Metal Template

3. Select a variety of settings for different templates such as how fast the images change, how the images rotate, random picture shuffling and automatic image resizing.

Installation Instructions
1. After downloading, go to Applications and Select 'Notre Dame Live Wallpaper'

2. When the initial screen opens, tap the "Select Wallpaper/Change Settings" button

3. Select the "Notre Dame Live Wallpaper" application from the list of Live Wallpaper applications

4. Tap the "Settings" button to configure the application

5. Tap "Photo Source" to select either "Animated Flag" mode or picture frame mode for personal images from your phone, Facebook or FlickR.

Instructions for setting up Picture Frame SlideShow
1. Go to ‘Notre Dame Live Wallpaper’ and select ‘Settings’

2. Select 'Photo Source' and choose either Facebook, FlickR or Phone Images

3. If you chose Facebook, go to 'Log In' and enter your Facebook account information. The Notre Dame Live Wallpaper application will log into your Facebook account.

4. You can select to show images from your Facebook Albums, as well as photos you have been tagged in. You can also select to show images from your news feed

5. After you have setup your Facebook settings, you can choose which Notre Dame Live Wallpaper Picture Frame Template you would like to use from the "Select Template" settings.

6. If you chose FlickR, you can choose a particular FlickR feed to show by either searching on a specific search term or user.

7. After you have chosen either Facebook, FlickR or your own phone images, you should "Clear Images" and "Force Update" which will reset your images

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